About PTS

Breaks during training

Two breaks are provided during your training day at PTS: morning tea is approximately 10am and lunch at 12pm.

Change rooms and showers

A change room is provided on site with a limited number of lockers available to students for storage of clothing and other items.
Showers are available for use, but towels and toiletries are not supplied nor available on site.

Disabled Access

PTS is wheelchair friendly.
An ACROD parking bay is located opposite the main door at Reception.
There is a dedicated restroom facility for visitors with special needs, which includes a toilet and shower.

Dress standards

A strict dress code applies to all courses at all training locations.This is due to the operational nature of the majority of our training.

The dress code you must follow is stated online (in the descriptor information for each course) and is noted on your enrolment confirmation email. Students will be turned away from training if they do not have appropriate clothing and full training fees will be applied.

The minimum dress standards are as follows:

PTS Training Room

  • long-sleeve shirt
  • long pants
  • flat closed-in shoes

Note: example of what NOT to wear includes t-shirts, shorts, thongs and sandals.

Operational Areas - minimum requirement

  • long-sleeve shirt
  • long pants
  • safety footwear
  • safety helmet
  • safety glasses
  • high-visibility vest (if shirts do not meet visibility standards)

Unless otherwise advised, you are required to wear the Operational Area minimum requirement. For more information refer to the Western Power PPE Procedure.

First Aid

There are trained First Aid officers on site and a First Aid room in the main building. Please advise reception if you need to use the First Aid room due to illness.

Any incidents or accidents must be immediately reported to your trainer or a member of PTS staff, who will be able to direct you to the most appropriate First Aid officer.
PTS staff or First Aid officers are not permitted to issue you with painkillers or any other kind of medication.


Parking is available on site in two fenced areas as you enter the main entry gate (one on either side).
Please secure your vehicle and any loose items in utilities or trucks as the car parks are not patrolled and are open for general entry during the day.
All car parks are secured at night.
Please note: parking a vehicle in a PTS carpark is at the owner’s risk.


Western Power has a Smoke-Free Workplace Standard.

The Standard applies to all Western Power employees, contractors and all other persons who enter a Western Power workplace including:

  • any Western Power property or plant where an employee or contractor works or is likely to work
  • any place where a Western Power employee or contractor works while engaged with Western Power.

In line with this standard you must refrain from smoking within the grounds of PTS. A designated smoking area is provided outside of the main gate – please ensure you dispose of your butts in the ashtrays provided.

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