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FETCH has been optimised for, and tested extensively with, Internet Explorer. You may experience intermittent issues with other browsers. Some courseware may require a plug-in (such as Flash). Online training cannot be run in Edge.
Yes. You simply need to bookmark your place. This will allow you to continue from where you left off the next time you access the course. It is important for you to bookmark before you close as, if you simply close the window, your place in the course may not bookmark correctly, and you will have to restart the course. Depending on the course layout, there are two ways to bookmark: SAVE AND EXIT BUTTON AVAILABLE If there is a SAVE AND EXIT button on the bottom left-hand corner of your training screen, click this button. This will record the time taken, the slides completed and return you to the initial course log-in screen. You can resume your training by following the same process as you did to commence the course. NO SAVE AND EXIT BUTTON AVAILABLE To bookmark your place, click ‘x’ on top right corner of the screen. This will record the time and number of slides completed, and return you to the initial course log-in screen. You can resume your training by following the same process as you did to commence the course. For more information, refer to the Complete Online Training in FETCH section of the FETCH LEARNER Quick Reference Guide (EDM 54728721).
Although some of the system functionality can be accessed on mobile devices, you may find issues with some platforms. FETCH is optimised for a full browser environment. You are encouraged to undertake any e-learning on a computer.
Approximately 7 years of historical training data is available in FETCH. If you need access to a historical record that you cannot see in your personal learning dashboard, please contact PTS.
To find a training course, visit From here you can either browse or search available training courses. If you have a training account with PTS and you are logged in, you can search available training from the COURSES menu at the top of the screen.
Visit then select SIGN UP to register an account in the PTS learning management system, FETCH. This is a web-based system, so can be accessed via browser anywhere that you have internet connectivity.
Contact PTS direct if you wish to cancel or change a current enrolment. Please be aware that cancellations fees my in line with Power Training Services Terms & Conditions
Contact the ICT Service Desk: Phone: (08) 9218 5444 Email: Or log a job via Service Now
As you move through FETCH, if at any time you wish to move back a screen and cannot see a BACK button, simply click the BACK arrow on the top-left hand side of your internet browser.
FETCH is a web-based system. Therefore it requires you to have an active internet connection to complete any training. If you do have an active internet connection, but are still having issues, ensure that you have pop-ups enabled, as FETCH uses pop-ups to launch e-learning courses, complete course evaluations and other common activities. Visit the FETCH Resource Library for instructions on how to check your pop up blocker, so that you can start your online training. Go to the main menu - Resources > Resource library
If the course you are interested in has prerequisite requirements that must be met and evidenced before you can undertake the training, you will be presented with an APPLY NOW button to register interest in the course. You will then receive an email with instructions on how to provide evidence that you have the prerequisite requirements for attendance.
There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to complete enrolment: The course may have pre-requisite requirements. If a course does have prerequisite requirements, such as completion of other training, they will be listed in the course description.  Formal leader approval is required for your attendance (for Western Power employees). If formal leader approval is required for your attendance at the training, they will be notified and asked to confirm your attendance. Once this occurs, you will be notified via email. The course may be full (maximum capacity reached). Some training courses have a limited number of places available. Where applicable, this information is available on the enrolment page. If maximum course capacity is reached, you may be offered the option to join a ‘waitlist’ in the event that a place subsequently becomes available, or another session is scheduled. If you do experience issues when trying to enrol, please contact PTS.
You can reset your password by clicking FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? on the login screen. Once you enter your email address, you will receive a password reset link. Please note that, for security reasons, the emailed link is only valid for 15 minutes.
All training completed in the last 7 years should be available in FETCH, and should appear on the training transcript you receive from PTS. Details of training completed more than 7 years ago are still available, but must be retrieved from another system. Please contact PTS if you wish to access details of your historic training, or if you have any questions about your transcript.
RTO stands for Registered Training Organisation. It’s a registration that allows PTS to deliver nationally accredited training.
When you pay for training you will receive a tax invoice via email. However, for quick reference, you can simply hover over the INFORMATION logo to the right of the training course. This will display receipt number, payment date and other relevant information.
Yes. In the event that a waitlist is available, you will see an INDICATE YOUR INTEREST button for you to register interest in being advised when the training is next scheduled.
AVETMISS stands for the Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Statistical Standard. It is a national data standard that ensures consistent and accurate capture of Vocational Education and Training (VET) information about learners. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), PTS is required to collect and report AVETMISS data on all accredited training activity as part of its registration requirements. This is a mandatory requirement for all RTOs. If you are undertaking accredited learning, you will need to complete the relevant Profile and AVETMISS details under the MY ACCOUNT tab. You will receive instructions as part of the enrolment process that will provide additional information on the steps you need to take to complete this section.
If the course does not display a waitlist option, contact PTS to enquire if and when the course might be available next.
Your username is the email address you used to register with. If you have forgotten this information, click FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? at the bottom of the login screen.
An Expression of Interest is your way of registering interest in a course that is currently not scheduled. If an INDICATE YOUR INTEREST button is available (instead of course dates and locations) this means there are no courses currently scheduled. You may use the INDICATE YOUR INTEREST button to register interest in being advised when the training is next scheduled.
USI - Unique Student Identifier - is your individual education identifier for life. If you undertake either nationally recognised training, or a higher education qualification, you need a USI in order to obtain your qualification or statement of attainment. Your USI will give you access to a secure online record of all nationally recognised training and qualifications gained in Australia, even if from different training organisations. This makes it easier for you to keep track of your training records and transcripts. If you intend to undertake accredited learning, you need your USI to complete the enrolment process. (You can find your USI, or apply for one, at the Australian Government’s USI site -
• Select the MY TRAINING menu at the top of the main screen (you need to be logged in). • Click VIEW DETAILS to the right of the relevant training. From here, you will be presented with course specific detailed information including the date you enrolled, status of your training and (if applicable) the date and location.
You can find all of your past, current and upcoming training in the MY LEARNING personal dashboard in FETCH. You will find MY LEARNING on the left-hand navigation menu in FETCH. From there, select the MY TRAINING sub-menu. All of your current training will display in the main screen under the IN PROGRESS tab. Past training is available under the COMPLETED and ARCHIVED tabs (also on the main screen). If you find any errors or omissions in your training history, please contact PTS and they will be able to advise further.
If you click on the course title in your MY LEARNING tab, further course details will be presented, including the date, time and location.
The FETCH system will not automatically put the training into your Outlook calendar. However, you will get an email, with a link that you can click on and add to Outlook.
Yes. FETCH will automatically log you out after 60 minutes of inactivity.
Yes. If you have upcoming training, or if have registered or expressed interest in a course, you will be notified via email.