As a training provider PTS is committed to ensuring that you will:

  • receive high quality training delivered by suitably qualified and experienced staff
  • be treated fairly and with respect by PTS staff and fellow students
  • learn in an environment free of discrimination and harassment
  • be able to pursue your learning goals in a supportive and stimulating atmosphere
  • be provided with suitable learning materials
  • be provided with access to support and assistance if you have a disability or special needs
  • have your privacy protected in relation to PTS records or documents that contain personal information
  • have ready access to assessment procedures and assessment results, and the right to appeal any outcome

As a student we expect you to:

  • observe any lawful direction given by a PTS staff member in order to ensure the safety of individuals and the orderly conduct of PTS operations
  • respect the privacy of PTS staff, members of the public and other students
  • use PTS facilities, resources and information in a proper, safe and legal manner
  • not use, sell or possess drugs or alcohol on PTS premises or be impaired by the use of drugs or alcohol on PTS premises (students should be aware of Western Power’s Drug and Alcohol Policy)
  • act ethically and honestly in the preparation, conduct and submission of work related to your course or training program and during all forms of assessment
  • avoid any activity or behaviour that would unfairly advantage or disadvantage another student from a learning perspective
  • behave professionally, ethically and respectfully in all dealings with external training providers engaged by PTS to conduct training and assessment
  • treat all PTS staff, members of the public and other students with respect, courtesy, honesty and integrity
  • avoid behaviour that could be perceived as, or encourage, harassment, intimidation, discrimination or bullying
  • maintain and observe all safety and health procedures, so as not to affect the working environment of others or cause injury or harm to any other person