Radio Frequency Awareness
  • Online
  • 1 Hour
  • 75.00 inc GST

Course Details

Code: EL944WP
Category: Induction & safety
Duration: 0 day(s)
Version: 1
Sub category: Safe working
Knowledge and skills to meet the Western Power requirements to safely plan and execute work in the presence of potential radio frequency electromagnetic energy hazards. Suitable for Western Power employees and contractors working with or in the vicinity of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) communications devices or potential radio frequency electromagnetic energy emitting devices.

Prerequisites for enrolment


Course Includes

  • explanation of what electromagnetic emission is
  • understanding of the potential health effects of exposure to RF hazards
  • understanding of the relevant exposure limits
  • identification of potential RF hazards on site
  • explanation of the RF hazard management process


Online assessment


Certificate of Completion

Other Details

What you will need

  • a computer
  • internet access - Google Chrome (recommended)