Working safely near Western Power's operational assets
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Course Details

Code: PTS168
Category: Induction & safety
Duration: 0 day(s)
Version: 1
Sub category: Safe working
This half-day course will provide participants with a familiarisation of Western Power’s Network and the processes that are required to ensure all work is conducted safely.

This course is recommended for Western Power personnel or external contractors who operate plant and equipment, or are responsible for planning or supervising work near overhead powerlines involving plant and equipment. It is also suitable for people excavating near Western Power’s operational assets.

There are no prerequisites for enrolment.

Course Includes

Learning outcomes

  • the difference between the two Western Power Network systems
  • the factors which affect severity of electrical shock
  • what causes step potential
  • the essential safe practices when working near overhead powerlines
  • safe working distances from overhead powerlines
  • the purpose of the Vicinity Authority
  • the correct order of the Western Power excavation process
  • the safe approach distance to Western Power underground assets
  • three possible excavation control measures


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What to wear

PPE Level 1

See the Western Power PPE Procedure for more information

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